Personal Success Stories

These inspiring personal success stories from the Colonial Internal Medicine Wellness Center tell us that it is possible to feel healthy and full of energy again!

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Rickey’s Success Story

Rickey found success through the Wellness Center program. He has lost over 58 pounds and is off his high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Congratulations, Rickey!

Karen’s Success Story

Karen had success with her husband using our program at the Wellness Center. She has lost over 40 pounds. Congratulations to you, Karen!

Scott’s Success Story

Scott has lost over 70 pounds and 8 inches around his waist — and has added years to his life. Congratulations on your health, Scott!

Nancy’s Success Story

Nancy has lost over 30 pounds using our Health Counseling program. She has learned new healthy eating habits and how to eat mindfully. Congratulations on your success, Nancy!

Susan’s Success Story

Susan was motivated by a co-workers weight loss and was recommended to visit us at the Wellness Center. Susan has lost 35 pounds on our Ideal Protein program. Congratulations, Susan!

Mike’s Success Story

I had serious concerns with my weight. I felt my belly was distended. I had trouble breathing. I normally watch what I eat, but like everyone else, I have my weakness, bread and pasta. I felt I had a healthy balanced diet to begin with. I do not drink soda or eat fast food or fry food. Once in a blue moon maybe I will indulge, but very rarely.

Despite all the meds I take for my high blood pressure, high sugar, and cholesterol, nothing seems to work consistently. Most diets worked initially, but then I gained it back as rapidly.

Then I heard from my Doctor “Dr. McDowell” that he is starting a diet program. I was skeptical but I said I will try it. I am so glad I did! Finally, I lost 30 pounds plus in a month and I feel great. It was not easy for a month trying to be consistent, but it was honestly worth it.

I wish I had tried this earlier instead of the other diet plans. What amazed me the most is I am losing mostly my belly fat.

My doctor has taken me off one of my diabetic medicine and more to discontinue soon. I am the happiest I can be. I breathe better, walk better. I am back to my old belt holes, and the good part is I have a diet person who monitors my progress or any set back. This is great!

I recommend this to everyone. Honestly this is going to be the most popular program in town soon.

Donald’s Success Story

How do I feel about Ideal Protein? Where do I begin? ITS GREAT!!! I’VE LOST 56 lbs. in a little over three months. My diabetes is under control finally and the doctor has taken me off most of my medicine. I feel better than I have in a very long time. My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner!

Is it tough? Yes. But going to the weigh in every week and seeing the weight loss results makes it well worth the effort. So if you’re looking for a weight loss solution, this is one that works. Stop by and talk with Shannon. She’ll get you started on the right path.