Bozena Wolanska, M.D.

  • Board Certified
  • Internal Medicine
Position: Associate
Joined CIMA: November 2015

State University of New York at Buffalo, NY

Medical University of Lodz, Lodz Poland

Top Doctor for Northern Virginia

Diabetes, Hypertension, Preventive Medicine, Women’s Health


An Interview with Dr. Bozena Wolanska

Dr. Bozena Wolanska was born and raised in Poland. She attended medical school there and went on to complete a residency in Ophthalmology in Krakow, Poland. In 1992 while visiting a friend in Los Angeles she became enamored with the United States and our world respected medical system. She ultimately decided to join a residency program in Internal Medicine at SUNY in Buffalo, N.Y. While training at this highly regarded university was wonderful—the weather was less than ideal so Dr. Wolanska was attracted to a warmer climate and eventually came to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Dr. Wolanska demonstrated her superior knowledge base by successfully completing her training in both Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine. Showcasing her strong determination and courage she not only immigrated to the United States but also brought her parents with her and started her own private practice as a solo female physician in our growing community. Her private practice, Internal Medicine of Fredericksburg, thrived as she practiced both hospital and traditional office based primary care and general internal medicine. She became a well-liked and respected member of the professional medical community.

In 2015, recognizing the negative impact of government regulation on small practices and capitalizing on collegial respect and friendships with her colleagues, Dr. Wolanska closed her practice and joined the team at Colonial Internal Medicine Associates in November 2015. She continues to enjoy the continuity of care with her existing patients who followed her to CIMA and she welcomes new patients daily.

Dr. Wolanska lives in Fredericksburg and is active in our community. She enjoys tennis and line dancing. She welcomes you to her growing medical practice.