Everyone is aware there have been scattered areas of measles infection in the United States this year. None have been reported in our area but with travel the way it is there is a likelihood of infection for those who may be at risk. The reemergence of Measles is largely due to the rising population of “non-vaccinators” who have made the choice to withhold this vital vaccination from their children thus putting their children and others around them at risk.

The CDC has stated the current vaccination protocol is 97% effective at conferring lifetime immunity for patients when properly given. It is recommended that all children age 12-18 months and then again around age 5 receive two doses of MMR live vaccine for this protocol. If you have received this vaccination series since 1968 you do not need to be retested or revaccinated.

The questionable population who MAY be at risk are those who received the MMR vaccination between 1963 and 1968 when the vaccination was going through revision and was perfected. Those born before 1958 were widely exposed and immunity is considered conferred. So if you are a higher risk patient such as someone immune compromised (those on active chemo or radiation, or those on immune therapy for dermatology, rheumatology or gastroenterology conditions) or on the front lines such as teachers or health care workers and were 5 years or younger between 1963 and 1968 then you should consider discussing with one of our doctors/PAs getting one additional dose of MMR or at least be tested for immunity.

We are happy to see you for this discussion as each case is individualized. If necessary immunity testing can be done at CIMA at your visit.