Have you noticed in the past few weeks there was a shift from anxiety to irrationality and anger?  Many of us have been using technology platforms such as Zoom, Google hangouts, and Microsoft teams, to live chat and video conference a lot more than ever before. What has been happening is that people are having to work extra hard to understand and process what is being communicated through their computers and phones. Studies have shown that 85-90% of our day to day communications are nonverbal such as eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures, timing, and intensity of the response (Thompson, 2020). Our brains now have to “think” about everything that is said instead of processing some of that nonverbal language. Our minds are getting frustrated because we are not designed to having to “think”  so hard to communicate. It is important now more than ever to take time off of the screen. It is recommended to take at least  a 10 minute break from the screen after every zoom call and meeting. Also, try and have face to face conversations as much as possible.