This year the flu shots are all coming out at the same time. We are used to the pharmacies staring vaccinations in late July. Doctors have been urging patients to wait until at least late September to start vaccinating to avoid the “boomerang” flu affect by the vaccination wearing off late in flu season (April/May) for those who rush to the pharmacy to get their vaccination early. There has been a differing opinion from medical experts if waiting is really necessary but the data has come in and according the studies reported by the American College of Physicians there is statistical evidence getting the flu vaccination too early puts patients at risk for contracting the flu later in the season.

This year no one has a choice as the shot is not coming out early due to a decision by major vaccine companies to hold production to include a strain which emerged as a threat late in their analysis. This strain will be included in the vaccine we have coming for all ages groups. We recommend you get the vaccination starting in late September. It is always worthwhile to get the vaccination but especially if you are a high risk patient suffering from immune suppression or are pregnant or will be a parent/grandparent of an infant who is too young to have the vaccination and thus needs those around them to be immune.

We will have the vaccination available in later September for all age groups and our patients can get their shot at our flu clinics as well as at their already scheduled appointments. Watch the website and email for updates on dates and times for flu clinic sign-up. As a reminder those patients 65 and up require a special higher dose vaccination which is also available from CIMA.