Latest CIMA news on Covid-19 / Coronavirus

While this virus affects the world, your INDIVIDUAL needs are cared for by your PERSONAL PHYSICIAN and local health care team. Medical conditions will not wait for the pandemic to end, so we have made our office safer for you to see us and get treatment. See this page for updates and how this affects you locally.

Update:  March. 25, 2021:   

UPDATE: Getting registered for the COVID-19 Vaccine 

For patients who have not registered previously, go to this website:

OR call (877)-275-8343. The call center will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

***If you have already registered for the vaccine you DO NOT need to register again***

Once registered, check your email regularly and make sure to check your spam folders as well.

For adults 65 or older call (540)-889-4797 to get scheduled for your vaccination.

Also, select CVS stores will begin administering the vaccine for adults 65 years and older. You MUST schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.  

To register go to  and click on “Check COVID-19 vaccine eligibility” OR call (800)-746-7287 for CVS customer service. 


Update:  January 15, 2021:    (REVISED: 1/22/2020)

From Dr. McDowell

Coronavirus Vaccination Information

We appreciate the fact that we are a source of information for you, and that our patients trust us and want our advice on COVID and the new vaccination.

We work hard to have this relationship.

There is a lot of information that has been out in the community–and a lot of confusion with regards to the vaccination

Our office has been literally flooded with calls and e-mail, and we simply can’t respond to all of you in the way we would like. So we are directing you here to the advice which comes from OUR physicians and PAs:

Vaccine Safety:  The vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are safe and have, despite some Internet rumors and misinformation, been very thoroughly tested.   Both have already been given many more than the 2 million times required and have exceeded the FDA’s threshold for safety.

In fact, our providers are thrilled at the safety level of these vaccinations.

Secondly, most patients are receiving Moderna at this time, but both vaccinations are very safe.  The only known major allergic reaction (known as anaphylaxis) was found in only 10 people of the 2,000,000 people who received the Pfizer vaccination in the observational group.  Many more than that have been given.  Those reactions occurred within 15 minutes of the vaccination and were solved by outpatient treatment.

There have been NO FATALITIES in the United States with either vaccination.

The vaccines, no matter Pfizer or Moderna, are safe!

Lead By Example: Because of our high risk as providers and front-line health care professionals, we have all received the vaccinations.    If the vaccine was not safe, we would know it.  Countries around the world would not be exposing their government, military, and health care workers to significant risk by vaccinating those individuals–who are charged with helping the public–if they were not sure of the vaccine safety.

Doing Your Part: Masks are nice and social distance and avoidance of sick individuals a must; but the major help to fighting the pandemic and getting back to normal is having as many as possible get the vaccination.  We need everyone to do their part and stop the virus by being immunized.

Specific Concerns: For those of you who are concerned you have individual issues and want more information on the vaccination and the safety of the vaccine we refer you to our these authoritative resources:  COVID-19 Vaccine – Virginia COVID-19 Vaccine and the CDC’s website on the vaccines themselves: COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC.   Just click on these links for more information.

Getting the Vaccine:  This is a FLUID and constantly changing situation but as of now we do not have the vaccination at CIMA. They are available through hospitals and the health department as well as some pharmacies.   Here is how you go about it:

If you are OVER 75 years old then follow this link here and register for the vaccination:  Age 75+ (

If you are UNDER 75 and are eligible or have a more high-risk health condition like diabetes or cancer please follow this link and register here.  Virginia Department of Health | Powered by Jebbit or at Mary Washington at:  Vaccine Registration | Virginia Healthcare System (

This link will take you to a site where, after you answer the questions, they can help you get scheduled if appropriate.   On the state website you are not required to furnish a letter of medical necessity to get an appointment for the vaccination.

Letters of Medical Necessity: Letters of Medical Necessity are NO longer required at the state or at Mary Washington for those qualifying for the vaccination on health grounds but younger than the current vaccination age.    Just fill out the website questionnaire when you click on the links to register for the vaccination above.

Lastly, please refrain from calling our office or emailing our providers on the portal with regards to COVID questions as this posting and the links provided have all the most updated information for you to review.  Our doctors and PAs care about your needs and concerns, but we are very busy treating the ill and those with medical issues and must always prioritize our time to those most in need of our care.

Thank you

We recognize that there are many others out there with illnesses that need to be treated as well. We have patients with the greater likelihood that they have a viral upper respiratory infection, bronchitis or pneumonia or Influenza which still needs to be taken seriously and treated. We are a doctor’s office used to handling these sorts of illnesses and we do not want to prevent those who are ill and likely NOT to have Coronavirus from receiving needed medical care. So, in addition to having those patients at high risk for Coronavirus as stated above call into the office and stay at home until a physician can determine risk we have taken addition actions to prevent viral spread.

  • Patients in the waiting room are now seated father apart
  • Magazines and community materials have been removed
  • Chairs, counters, door handles and all common surfaces are now being cleaned with a medical grade disinfectant every 2 hours
  • Exam rooms as USUAL are being cleaned between patient visits with antibacterial and antiviral solutions
  • Patients may opt to wait outside or in their car and staff will let them know when they are called back to a private room
  • If a patient comes into the waiting area and is identified as a risk based on symptoms, they will be taken to the exam room immediately available rather than sitting in the waiting room.

We have implemented these temporary changes and phone triage for those who are ill because we also recognize that many people who see us have chronic and acute illness which can not wait until this short term viral threat is over and need to keep their appointments.